Brooklyn Flippers and Funders Meetup Review November 14, 2017

The Brooklyn Flippers and Funders Meetup recently held their third Meetup at Velvet Brooklyn on November 14, 2017. This is one of at least four Flippers and Funders Meetups organized by Kyle Jasey ( Kyle is a hard money lender. He clearly enjoys networking and organizing these groups.

The others include the NYC and Hudson County Flippers and Funders Meetups, which are two dynamic and focused Real Estate Networking Groups that help members of the real estate community connect with one another.

The main focus of all of Kyle’s Meetups is on networking. At each Brooklyn Flippers and Funders Meetup event, attendees have the opportunity to introduce themselves, say what they do, say what if anything they’re looking for, and then announce any opportunities they might have. At each event, guests will have the opportunity to submit their contact info, specialty and who they’re looking to meet, and then after the meeting everyone’s info will be put into a document and emailed out to all who attended.

Kyle has now recently started the Brooklyn Flippers and Funders Meetup ( In a few short months, this group has grown to almost one hundred members. These events meet at Velvet Brooklyn, a cosy Irish seeming bar in Williamsburg. Distinguished by a cigar store Indian at the front of the bar, it easily accommodates many networkers.

Although I am currently not an investor, Kyle welcomes me at each event, thanks me for some referrals and for attending. For example at the November 14, Brooklyn Flippers and Funders Meetup, I was the first to arrive after Kyle.  We immediately began a conversation about his upcoming plans for an extended vacation and the portability of his business.

Much like the other Meetups, I met a variety of well connected and entrepreneurial folks, who included:

Marty Chera

CEO Express Capital Financing

Direct Hard Money Lender

Marty is an experienced and creative funding professional with the ability to fund transactions quickly and efficiently. Some of his popular products and programs include:

• Fix & Flip Loans

• Hard Money/Bridge Loans

• Soft Money Loans

• Construction Financing

• Hospitality Loans

• Equity & Mezzanine Financing

• Fix & Flip Lines Of Credit

Sebastian Aguas

Owner, Essential Contracting Group


Dave Krainert

Founder at Krainert Group

The Krainert Group specializes in identifying and acquiring undervalued properties as well as assets with strong repositioning potential in appropriate markets.

The next Brooklyn Flippers and Funders Meetup will be on Tuesday December 19, 2017 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM at Velvet Brooklyn, 174 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY, To join and RSVP:

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