Hudson County Flippers and Funders Meetup October 20, 2016 Review


The Hudson County Flippers and Funders Meetup met for an evening of networking on Thursday October 20 at the Zeppellin Hall Restaurant & Biergarten in Jersey City, NJ.

This was an excellent venue. It is a massive beer garden. More than three football fields in size, the interior is huge. The outside patio is also very large and about the size of another football field. The beer garden sits on the side of the Hudson River. It is a short ten minute walk from the Grove Street PATH station and less than five minutes from a Light Rail Station.

Unlike the Sidebar in Union Square, where the Young Professionals Real Estate Network met on October 19, there was plenty of room in the back area. We did not encounter any overcrowding or excessive echoing.

The Hudson County Flippers and Funders Meetup is a dynamic and focused Real Estate Networking Group designed to help members of the real estate community connect with one another. The main focus of the Hudson County Flippers and Funders Meetup is on networking. At each event, attendees have the opportunity to introduce themselves, say what they do, say what if anything they’re looking for, and then announce any opportunities they might have. At each event, guests also have the opportunity to submit their contact info, specialty and who they’re looking to meet, and then after the meeting everyone’s info will be put into a document and emailed out to all who attended.

The Hudson County Flippers and Funders Meetup is organized by Kyle Jasey ( .) Kyle is a hard money-lender. He clearly enjoys networking and organizing these groups.

Kyle is a unique, accessible and generous networker. He has built a large and dynamic professional network by hosting four events each month and initiating many win win introductions and relationships. He is relaxed, easy-going and accessible.

Although there was some confusion about the start time, he arrived about ten Minutes after I texted him. Then after another few minutes of confusion with a shift manager, the attendees began to arrive around 7:00 PM. By 8:00 PM, over fifty people were engaged in lively conversations.

This event proved productive in that I met and networked with several high quality entrepreneurs who were also interested in learning what I do.

Among those I networked with at the Hudson County Flippers and Funders Meetup were:

Vanessa Keith


Studioteka Design, LLC

Vanessa is one of 397 African-American women registered architects in the United States and the Principal of Studioteka, a published, award-winning design firm she founded in 2003. Studioteka approaches design through a multidisciplinary lens that spans the boundaries between architecture, economic and social development, and urban and environmental concerns. She is especially interested in the issues faced by developing and tropical countries.

Vanessa is a tireless entrepreneur, networker, speaker and author. I met her about a month ago at another networking event.

Christin Alston

Christin is a hardworking real estate investor and producer. She has been an entrepreneur since the age of fourteen. She is currently managing the sales of dozens of investment properties.

Jason Dukes

Jason is a professional coach and the founder of Captains Chair Coaching is committed to helping people find PEACE in their lives by finding their gift and giving their gift to the world!

Jason Dukes is the CEO of Captains Chair Coaching, a renowned Life Coaching Company. Jason works with clients one-on-one to help them:

– Clearly define goals

– Create actions and structures that will help them get to their goals

– Blow up limiting beliefs

– Distinguish and overcome their roadblocks

Jason Howard

Jason is a creative and relentless insurance producer at Regal Title Agency. He strongly believes and practices that believe that building positive relationships with other like-minded entrepreneurs and clients is the ultimate way to build and grow your business.

The next Hudson County Flippers and Funders Meetup will be:

Thursday, November 17, 2016 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM Zeppellin Hall Restaurant & Biergarten 88 Liberty View Drive, Jersey City, NJ. To learn more and RSVP:

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