NYC Flippers and Funders Meetup Review April 3, 2017

The NYC and Hudson County Flippers and Funders Meetups are two dynamic and focused Real Estate Networking Groups that help members of the real estate community connect with one another. The main focus is on networking. At each event, attendees will have the opportunity to introduce themselves, say what they do, say what if anything they’re looking for, and then announce any opportunities they might have. At each event, guests will have the opportunity to submit their contact info, specialty and who they’re looking to meet, and then after the meeting everyone’s info will be put into a document and emailed out to all who attended.

The NYC and Hudson County Flippers and Funders Meetups are organized by Kyle Jasey ( Kyle is a hard money lender. He clearly enjoys networking and organizing these groups.

Although I am currently not an investor, Kyle welcomes me at each event for the NYC and Hudson County Flippers and Funders Meetups, thankes me for some referrals and for attending.

The NYC Flippers and Funders Meetups recently held an excellent networking event in Manhattan.

The last Manhattan event took place at PS450 on South Park Avenue on April 3, 2016. It was a lively event at a venue that was a short walk from Herald Square. Roughly forty people attended, exchanged business cards and shared their stories and ideas.

This was my first time attending after a four month absence. As usual, the event quickly filled up with a wide variety of investors, entrepreneurs and professionals. Kyle and his wife arrived right on time and quickly became actively involved in several conversations.

Enough folks were there to offer a wide choice of new people, yet it was small enough so not to become too loud or overcrowded. Unlike the Young Professionals Real Estate Network, there were many productive conversations without overcrowding and having to shout.

This is in part because of how Kyle has built and grown this group and network. He continues to emphasize open networking without an agenda. This means there is no real pitching or selling. That said, I usually am pitched nonetheless. For example, Tamara Book, whoI met almost ten months ago, again tried to sell me her business opportunity.

Among the people I networked with were:

Roy Assouline

Desiree Crespo

Woodson Davenport

Peter Guzzardo

Lance Tarhan

The next NYC Flippers & Funders Event will be on Monday May 1 at 6:30 PM at PS 450

450 Park Avenue South between 30th & 31st. To join and RSVP:

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