NYC and Hudson County Flippers and Funders Meetups Reviews

The NYC and Hudson County Flippers and Funders Meetups are two dynamic and focused Real Estate Networking Groups designed to help members of the real estate community connect with one another. The main focus is on networking. At each event, attendees will have the opportunity to introduce themselves, say what they do, say what if anything they’re looking for, and then announce any opportunities they might have. At each event, guests will have the opportunity to submit their contact info, specialty and who they’re looking to meet, and then after the meeting everyone’s info will be put into a document and emailed out to all who attended.

The NYC and Hudson County Flippers and Funders Meetups are organized by Kyle Jasey ( Kyle is a hard money lender. He clearly enjoys networking and organizing these groups.

Although I am currently not an investor, Kyle welcomed me at each event for the NYC and Hudson County Flippers and Funders Meetups, thanked me for some referrals and for attending.

The NYC and Hudson County Flippers and Funders Meetups recently held networking events in Manhattan and Jersey City, NJ.

The last Manhattan event took place at PS450 on South Park Avenue. It was a lively event at a venue that was a short walk from Herald Square. Roughly forty people attended, exchanged business cards and shared their stories and ideas.

The venue was spacious enough to allow for easy movement and meaningful conversations. Everyone I spoke with demonstrated a genuine interest in what I do and also showed their focus and passion for what they do.

The Hudson County Meetup occurred at Surf City in Jersey City, NJ. This was a spectacular venue, sitting right on the water at the bottom of Marlin Boulevard. It was easy to get to as it was a short fifteen minute walk from the Grove Street PATH train station.

At this event, I met a wide variety of members, from very experienced investors, lenders and real estate agents, to novices. The conversations were entertaining and informative.

Among the people I networked with at the NYC and Hudson County Flippers and Funders Meetups were:

Ron Jankowitz

Managing Partner at Ronald S. Jankowitz, CPA

Mahwah, New Jersey

Ron advises and assists businesses on business structures, structuring commercial transactions. Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development.

His company is a full service accounting firm that specializes in businesses whose sales range up to 10 million in annual revenue.

He has created a niche in the real estate industry over the past 15 years.

Robert Wu

Co-Founder at Convoy Investments

Greater New York City Area

Robert is the co-founder of Convoy Investments and is responsible for strategic business planning and trading operations.

Randall Dolland

Real Estate Sales Professional and Sales and Marketing Consultant

New York, New York

Randall is a Sales & Marketing Leader who accelerates profitability for startups and established companies in the hospitality and cable industries.

Andrew Elkins

Advisor to real estate buyers, sellers & renters

Jersey City, New Jersey

Andy brings a wealth of experience from his former careers in residential renovation and residential finance to his work as a Realtor at Keller Williams. He is also a current investor in Hudson County.

Kevin Clark

“Mr.Hard Money”, Senior Finance Executive at World Business Lenders, LLC.

New York, New York

Desiree Jones

Real Estate Agent

Yonkers, NY

Jason Chornay

CRE Debt and Equity Financing

Greater New York City Area

Jason helps determine project capital requirements and identifying potential financing structures. He then matches his clients’ objectives with the most appropriate loan programs and equity sources in the marketplace, by providing them with the quickest and most efficient execution at the lowest cost of capital.

Bunmi Alo

Baruch College Graduate/Entrepreneur

Bronx, New York

Bassem Shaaban

Principal at TW2M Design/Build LLC; Interior & Furniture Design

Greater New York City Area

Bassem has significant project management and design experience. He excels in client meetings, technical feasibility knowledge, and detailing.

Mike Schonberger

Real Estate Attorney and Managing Director at Law Office of Michael.C.Schonberger

Jersey City, New Jersey

Jae Chung


Kyle Jasey

Hard Money and Bridge Loans for Real Estate Transactions

Greater New York City Area

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