Seventeen reasons to organize a meetup networking group

There are many different reasons to organize a meetup networking group. With so many hours spent in front of a computer monitor or on a digital device, meetup groups are an excellent way to meet face-to-face with others in your community.

In addition, meetups are the ideal place for first-time speakers to get their feet wet for giving presentations.

They are a friendly and forgiving environment to help you get over your jitters for speaking for the first time.

For someone who moves to a new area, meetup groups make it easy to find friends, colleagues in the same profession, and interact with others.

Here are some reasons to organize a meetup networking group:

  • Lead generation for a business
  • Paid training workshops
  • Promote themselves as a community leader
  • Credibility for a profession. It adds another item to LinkedIn or their resume as they search for jobs or apply within their company for a new job.
  • Find experienced people to join their team or company

These are certainly valid reasons to organize a meetup networking group. Here are, however, seventeen reasons why I started organizing the New York Business Referral Networking and Brooklyn Business Referrals Networking Meetup Groups:

  1. I do it for the community.
  2. To build a community
  3. To give back to the entrepreneur community
  4. To serve entrepreneurs and business owners
  5. To follow my mission: “Enhancing the lives of those I touch by helping people reach their goals
  6. To give referrals and introductions
  7. To build a network
  8. To attract like-minded people
  9. To learn and grow
  10. To practice loving kindness
  11. To practice compassion
  12. The New York Entrepreneurs and Startup Meetup Group charges for events I do not
  13. The New York Marketing Association Meetup Group charges for events I do not
  14. Business Networking International is not fit for everyone
  15. The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce is not fit for everyone
  16. To improve my leadership skills
  17. To attract business partners

I have been blessed to meet people and learn things over the past ten years I would not have been able to, if I wasn’t organizing meetup events.

I have helped organize five meetup groups; currently I organize two meetup groups.

Over the years, I have watched meetups grow, as friendships develop and people in the meetup community learn and share with each other.

Organizing events has its share of ups and downs. But the benefits far outweigh the challenges. Among the reasons to organize a meetup networking group, for me it ALWAYS comes down to the community.

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